Wednesday 23 June 2010

KIds room inspirations..

It means a lot to a little girl when her room is all done up… decorated with flowers, butterflies, princesses…. Or just painted.. with her favourite cartoon... There is always so much love in doing up a kids room… be it wall paper or a painted wall..

Tanu painted the wall with Dora for her little one.. … Isnt this so cute??

This is how the Ketchup girl used her magic… See the rest of her home as well...

My friends Winny & Viv surprised their kids with this.

My girls still have not decided what they want to do with their room... I've said no to Hannah Montana... not that I have anything against her... But to me... she isnt the greatest inspiration for a 5 & 7 year old now??!!! Anyway... so they are still discussing butterflies and grumbling about Hannah... Till then... Do you have a special kids room?? Send me the pics on


  1. Lovely.. Girls just love to have such colors and decor :) My niece keeps doing herself on the wall though its not neat but then its her wall.. If I show her these photos.. she will jump with joy :)

  2. I think this is a great idea letting kids have a bit of freedom. What I did was make a "blackboard"(there are so many different colors of blackboard paint available now) wall and let the kids go crazy.

    They love having their "own" wall and it stops them creating artwork all over the house.

  3. Gr8 idea for lil girls, i am sure kids would love to spend hours in such room.

  4. These rooms are so lovely... can indeed feel all the love that has gone into these :)

  5. Lovely rooms!

  6. :) mish has a huge dora on her door :)

  7. ya isn't it so much so fun doing lil girls' room. Sara is just one and i am thinkin..time for some renovation...for the big move from an infant to a toddler...well..ok i cant be honest its more for me than her :)


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