Wednesday 21 September 2011

In the zone - Harshi's desk

Catching up with In The Zone series here at Colours Dekor, I am using this opportunity to give you a peek into my work space at home...
and here's where I bead all the stuff I do at Harshi Creates...
and this is when I'm taking a break... :-)
a few inspirations to keep me going...
Hope you've enjoyed this sneak peek...


  1. Such a workspace would be anybody's delight. Great...

  2. I lake it, very organized!

    Have a nice day:)

  3. Wow - you are sooooo organized! I am all over the place when I am working on something creative. I wish I had a bigger home...naah I think even then I'd be messy ;)

  4. Such a neat organized space Harshi:) Mine is neat and messy at different times, depending on what I am working on:):)


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