Wednesday 24 April 2013

Blog finds ~ canavāsium

.. So what would you do... if you found a new awesome blog??

Obviously you'd share it with me... *smiles*... 

Now a little about the blogger ... 

Hi there! This is Saranya, an engineer by profession, an artist at heart, my life so far shuttles between the two extremes. 

Tell us a little more about yourself.. and your blogs.. 

I live in California where there is no bound for art, culture and natural beauty. No place can be more inspiring for an artist to be. With the big Indian scene here, I feel all the more tied to India and Indian Arts. I love to create, dream, dance and travel. I guess my inspirations are drawn from my travels and memories from times spent in Madras and Rajasthan years ago. 

I love to illustrate, paint, craft, photograph, photoshop and sew. Recently, I am working towards creating unique pieces of art where each one has a story to tell. Apart from art and work, I have found my way in my kitchen in recent years, trying to create new stuff. 

I am the voice behind these two webpages - and I am hoping to sell my art work someday and switch over to a creative profession full time.     

and now for some of her impressive work... 

So hop over.. and visit her awesome blog.. Once upon a time and Cinnamons & Cloves

And don't forget to tell me.... if you liked my new find?? *smiles*


  1. The blogger is so pretty, am off to check out her blogs now... thanks for sharing Patty. :)

  2. Awesome post. I love your blog stuff.

  3. Thanks Patty for posting this! :)
    Thanks others for liking my stuff.


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