Monday 22 April 2013

The Weekly Story ~ wk 12

Hello my lovelies... So how was your weekend?

I had a super busy weekend... Friday morning was the Dubai Terry Fox Run for which we arrived at 6am and stayed till about mid day. It was lovely to see the enthusiasm and energy!! Truly... people do believe in miracles.

Friday evening was the first of the Emirates NBD Classics II with Shubha Mudgal. It was an enchanting evening... She sang continuously for two hours and the crowd demanded more... Beyond impressive!!

Anyway, so Saturday was dedicated to cleaning, clearing, sorting.....

Here is my little one... who always helps me clean & clear... She is the second de-clutter queen... *smiles*

We've kind of settled in our new home... There is still a lot to do *smiles*

Which basically means... even our names are on the floor.. LOL... 

Oh... so once cleaning was done.. I quickly jumped to the opportunity of displaying some of my new finds from Indya kaleidoscope... 

Isn't this gorgeous??

What do you think of these?

Anyway.... so our new home is more or less similar to the old one... except its slightly older (in age)... which means.. the fineness and prettiness of my earlier home.. doesn't exist... 

Saying that... it just means that there are more white coloured walls... And you know how I totally love white walls... and can't wait to take out my brush... 

I visited some of you last week.. and I'll pop by to say 'hello' you the rest of you this week too...

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  1. Very beautiful home Patty.. look forward to seeing the fully done up home :) good luck!

  2. Very beautiful house...very neatly done...

  3. wow such a good girl to help her mom .. i love it

  4. Lovely....I envy the vast space...and it looks all dark and cool, perfect for the dubai weather now. I absolutely love the wooden chest-the painted one, have been searching and hunting since ages, esp for the right size...happy to see you enjoying your new abode. Wishing you peaceful and happy times in it.

  5. I love the new header!! Congrats on the new home. Looks amazing!!

  6. lovely new design Patty! Congrats on the new home. Enjoy decorating. :)

  7. awesome header and lovely home ....u have the cutest helper ever!

  8. awwww....girls can be so charming with their little gestures!!
    looking fwd to ur done-up home:)

  9. Wow..everything is looking great..can't wait to see the whole house tour :) and I love the new look of the blog. All the treasure looks lovely and u know...I have the same bullock cart just in antique finish :)

  10. Beautiful ! Congrats on new house & Thanks for hosting !

  11. Just found your beautiful blog and am joining in your party for the first time. Thanks so much for hosting, hope you have a lovely week!

  12. Beautiful house Patty!
    Love the new header and the bronze bullock cart, thanks for sharing.

    Bindu Mallela

  13. hi Patricia,

    your new home is lovely!!happy decorating!
    Also wanted you to know that I keep visiting your blog but only sometimes leave a comment.but all your posts are grt!

    congrats once again!

  14. Aahhh.. the pleasure of decorating a new place from scratch :)
    Beautiful finds!!

    I missed the party this week :( Waiting for Monday to come!


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