Monday 13 January 2014

About Time Now

I've featured this home before... but I simply can't get enough... I love her home, I love her blog... and I love those two little kids too... growing up so soon! *sigh*...

Arthi blogs at The not-so artful dodger, so hop on, view the post there, and don't forget to leave her a comment.... 

Tips towards a beautiful home... 

- Identify the vibe you want the home / each room to have- comfy, cozy, spic and span, careful chaos, merry, pristine....try and stick to it within a room at least

- Choose a colour scheme - room-wise or overall and also a decor style-  Indian, minimal, western, modern etc

- If you are a collector always keep an eye open for what you collect- weed out the more common as you go along

- If the kids are older, give them some space to express their creativity as well

- Incorporate accents to go with the season/ festival of the time

- Often ignored- flooring, lighting and ventilation are important and can add to the look and feel of the home. Consider maintenance needs and the weather before you make the final choice.

-  Make a rangoli without reason, place a potted plant, a real flower, all inexpensive but timeless and pretty

- Reserve some surprising burst of colour to create interesting focus walls ( no ulterior intent but we have always used AP in our homes) for very dear display items ( a painting, a family heirloom, a collection of masks)

- Be ready to discard stuff or pack it off for a bit
- Try and rearrange furniture, include small knickknacks for a new look

- While all members in the family may not contribute to the aesthetics, they certainly can chip in on keeping the home tidy. Encourage all to do their bit- it is after all everyone's home to be proud of.
- Cleanliness is key- the basics - Keep bathrooms dry when not in use. Change bed spreads, hand towels and footmats regularly. Dust out stuff and clean fans weekly once at least.
- Keep one shelf free in every room wardrobe- if you need to quickly put away stuff and remember to clean it when the urgency is through

- Keep kitchen shelves closed ( unless you have very uniform looking vessels and containers ) and clean as you cook- dirty countertops are a turn off

Home is about family and fun. Do not forget to have a good time with loved ones.
Make time to enjoy it- just sit around, play a board game, eat a meal at the table together, listen to some music, dance....All the smiles will make the home an inviting place for you and your guests.

Finally let your home be about you! You can surely turn it into a charming story.
After all, har ghar kuch kehta hai!

Am sure many others  got the mail from Asian Paints. I enjoyed this post since it helped me think through how we do up our homes.....So I jotted down my thoughts ( some very very basic ones as well)  for my own reference when I am not inspired enough and for the Asian Paints contest for tips for a beautiful home


  1. such warmth this home radiates!!lovely!

  2. What a lovely lovegly home! I loved the kolams, loved the tea pot collections, the colours and the vibrancy! What a lovely home!



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