Monday 20 January 2014

My Home, My Haven ~ Aparna

Today on Colours Dekor is an absolutely stunning home... Its amazing how when you talk to someone, you instantly like them... and that does say something about the person.. isn't it... 

As much as I liked Aparna... I admire and adore this home... so first of all... a little about the home maker *smiles*

I am born and brought up in Delhi with Bengali roots as my mum is a Bengali and I went to a Bengali school, therefore can read and write Bengali.

I finished my education in Delhi, did my masters in Advertising and Marketing and then on been in the advertising business for 10 years (7 years in Delhi and 3 years in Dubai)

I quit when I got married in 2006 and moved to Bangalore.
Here I did a diploma course in Interior Design. I have always been interested in house design and aesthetics of a house and keep changing and re arranging things all the time, so I thought why not do a course in it and see where it goes.
Though I have not taken it up as a profession, it remains my passion and area of great interest.

I am otherwise generally interested in anything creative, aesthetic and beauty be it fashion, jewelery, marketing, branding etc. A quirk factor in all is very important for me.

Taking you on a home tour now.... Sitting area near the main entrance.... 

an evening view of the main entrance... 

Shoe rack and key chain holder at the main entrance... 

Welcome to the living room.... have a seat... let me get you some chai.... 

Don't you simply love the colours of the wall... 

Now I'm sure you will be waiting for part 2 of this home tour... *grins*


  1. Beautiful foyer - the entrance of the home is inviting just as it should be...full of warmth

  2. delightful home - loved the colors, the simplicity and the obvious love for design!

  3. I loved the foyer too, esp the combination of the mirror and key holder..:-)

  4. such a lovely home! loved the colors, the personal touch, the simplicity and the great decor sense!

  5. beautifull i got some good ideas from the post... loads of thanks for posting it...

  6. lovely warm colours ... I simply love the tiny potted plants ... and the simple but aesthetic shelves...

  7. Boy! Aparna's lives in a visual treat, loved so many aspects, and her love for bold colors shines through. Enjoyed the 3 posts thoroughly!


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