Friday 31 January 2014

an inspired mommy - Shyamala

After working for the IT sector for nearly a decade, Shyamala decided to become a full time mommy….. 

“I was always interested in music, art and crafts since childhood, my mother was the reason behind it.”

After the first few months after child birth, I felt the need to get myself engaged and I got working on jewellery. Initially it was only beaded ones and then I heard of terracotta jewellery for the first time. But I didn't have clue of how to procure clay and get it cured and stuff, and I was desperate to try it and thats how I found Air dry clay on a website that sells art and craft supplies.

“I have not learnt terracotta jewellery making, and sometimes I think its better that way. I like doing unconventional designs and I might lose the ability to do that, if I learnt it formally. Designing jewellery from clay is a very very interesting craft and takes enormous patience and energy. It means much to me, because I learnt it  by myself and that brings me a sense of pride. I have sold my work to close friends and relatives and try selling my work on craft websites, but business is a much more than how it appears I guess.”

Isn't this inspiring? 
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