Friday 3 October 2014

a clean home

Its the weekend! Yay! Which means I did a lot of cleaning and clearing, and the house looks neat & clean.

And that simply means, I can post pictures of my space.

Do you remember this little jharoka?

and the glittering corner *smiles*

These cushions are from Mish Mash

I've had them for a few years now and simply seem to love them more *smiles*

That's how the room looks in total... Oh!! I still have to show you the other side.. Hang on till next week and have a fabulous weekend. 


  1. So those cushions.glittering corner, vignette on coffee table, everything looks perfect.

  2. i loved the jharokha you could add some paintings inside the jharokha that will brighten it up more you can check my link below
    i have similar jharokha wherein i inserted a painting

  3. I am looking for ideas to redecorate my house this Diwali.. Love the houses that has Indian Touch to it..Looks like I will get some ideas here.. You have a lovely and warm house:)

  4. Love the houses that has Indian Touch to it


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