Friday 17 October 2014

Simple Floor Decor

Rangoli is the most common way of decorating the floor.. so here I was with my Rangoli, thinking of new ideas of floor designs or decor.. 

I put these paisleys on the floor first.. only coz I love them so much *smiles*.. 

My younger one comes along and says... 'well all your ideas are old.. here are some of mine'... 

This is what she did with acrylic paints... 

Its simple... But I have to agree.. its lovely too.. 

Here is another simple design on the floor.. 

And finally... this is another design she made.. a peacock.. only coz I love them.. 

What do you think?


  1. I hv to agree her design looks really pretty. Relax and enjoy Patty , your girls will take care of decorating duty now :)

  2. Lovely! and your daughter is following ur footsteps!


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