Sunday 28 March 2010

Simply elegant...

I am a huge fan of simple and clutter free feeling to a home. I like the use of simple & elegant colours and unusally simple decor. I'm sure by now you all know... I'm totally in love with wall art!! Look at the full picture below to see the detail... It covers nearly one fourth of the wall and looks awesome!
The colours make the home look airey & warm! The use of a rug & dark wooden table holds the room together... Can you spot the pebbles in the table?
On the other side, is the TV unit!! The use of light & greenery.... is simply amazing. The plants are on the outside of the room.... love the use of glass here!! Sure makes the room look bigger!!
This is a home (villa) designed by Vistaar Associates. I like the textures of this sofa & cushions.
I have featured a simple & stunning home make over & salon & spa interiors before. Do have a look. Leave your comments, so I know you were here... and you liked this home.


  1. Elegant home, I loved the TV unit set up :)...
    Thanks for sharing...

  2. Loved the wall art. What a lovely design!

  3. what a lovely home...loved the clean lines with a slight hint of the oriental!

    thanks for sharing

  4. i really liked the print on the wall idea, it can look good irrespective of the size of the room, and it makes the room look so elegant!!!....

  5. Wall art is lovely. I liked the buddhas too.

  6. love the wall art...reminds me of pretty henna patterns


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