Tuesday 9 March 2010

Sneak peek

Have you been to Anu’s Dream Canvas?? Anu stays in Seattle and is extremely passionate about interiors & travel, both of which reflect in her home. But……… Before I take you on a tour of her home, thought I’ll quickly share a few beautiful corners of her home...... And this is what she has to say about the lovely corners...
Red roses, there is nothing quite like it!! Using an old silver or brass curio as a vase can dress up your flower arrangement and make it make it look special….
Diyas and candles placed around my home for Diwali. I have placed a round candle on an old brass spoon. Hope you like it…

I like blending the old with the new, traditional with the modern. Here is a brass Ganesha from India placed with an art glass candleholder made by an artist from British Columbia.

Bet you cant wait to see the rest of her home??
Write to me if you have a corner as beautiful as hers..... on torresp27@hotmail.com


  1. Love the brass spoon & the candle idea....

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  3. Thanks so much Patricia for the lovely mention..its great to have my home featured in Colors Dekor :-)

  4. Pat, you are a big tease! Anu's home is lovely, and it's not very nice of you to do her post in parts!:)

    A brilliant idea, nevertheless!:)

  5. Wonderful ideas! Even I love fusion...old n the new:)

  6. hey pat!

    love the beautiful corners of anu's place! Cant wait 2 see the next!


  7. Lovely candles!
    Hope your week is beautiful.

  8. Each and every pic was lovely.Awesome job Anu.


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