Sunday 14 March 2010

Vasu's Cherishing Space...

In my last post… I said – you can easily tell the professionals in blog world. And Vasu from Cherishing Spaces is one such amazingly talented person. She is an interior designer and even teaches at various design institutes.
I’m sharing a few pics from her space.. I cherish!!
Cherishing Spaces is a marvellous neighbourhood of ideas.
I am amazed by her simple ideas and how her magical creativity changes the ambience of a space with whatever is already existing.
Cherishing Spaces also includes easy & creative craft ideas.... When you have an old furniture and do not want to dispose it....think of ways to re-use it beautifully, check her blogs for awesome ideas...
Vasu transforms a room by just re-doing corners and creating her magic.... Go on a magical journey on Cherishing Spaces....


  1. Very creative... and nice collection of dolls. I loved the decoupaged box. Creative indeed.

  2. I agree with purplehomes---love the chest !!! Nice ideas :)

  3. hey pat what a surprise....have been really busy with work and was away from blogging....i thank you wholeheartedly for the feature.....thanks so much

  4. Vasudha's space is really a beautiful her collections:)


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