Friday 26 March 2010

Weekend inspiration

Its my first calm weekend in a while... no house guests, no birthday parties... no social events, nothing!! I woke up early... really early (3 am!).. to clean, clear & sort. You think I'm obsessed?? Probably... But the next three weeks are going to be absolutely mad at work, and I just cannot enter the mad season with so much clutter around me.... Anyway... I've completed all the home work.. and have now moved to cleaning my pc & external hard drive.. and have found truck loads of stuff... things I'd forgetten existed... from maps, to travel guides of places on my holiday wish list, to hotels I'd like to stay in, short trip I'd like to go on, to decor ideas - ranging from book shelves to bedrooms, to outdoor inspirations... Gosh... so much to show you guys....!! Anyway... here is an image (I dont know from where)... but I can see myself seated on that chair today!! I like the earthen pots, the chest, the table, the chairs, and above all the orangish wall.... It looks like a hotel, isnt it??


  1. Has a kinda rustic feel to it.. energetic yet calming.. :) I love the brown and orange.. would like to decorate my home like this 1 day.

  2. good to know that u r having a "me,myself" time....

  3. It's all falling into place now Pat. I used to wonder how you get the time to do everything you do. The answer is of course, 3 am sorting!!:) That too on your first quiet, relaxing weekend in ages!
    You have to be super woman!:)

    Happy weekend, and here's to happier ones to follow!


  4. Ohhh.. now I know how you manage to do all this!!!! I am really inspired from you :D

    btw.. i just love the earthen feel of this picture! Beautiful :)

  5. love the much warmth! Here's hoping you get lots of time to relax very very soon...n oh! getting up at 3 a.m.....hats off to u...i can be awake till 3 a.m but getting up at that hour...hmmm...not happening :)


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