Tuesday 30 August 2011

Shelf Stories ~ Swapna

... Just in time, is our final entry for Shelf Stories!! Swapna joins us today, with a few absolutely stunning images!! Swapna is an engineer by profession ... raising two kids... !!
And this is what she has to say ~
A blog addict (mommy blogs, crafty blogs, decor blogs) which are inspiration for the bits of stuff I have done in my home!!
These shelves are from Fab India. The minute I saw them, I knew I wanted them. These are the only ones hubby & I agreed to pick up immediately.... without any arguments!! I love the way, they hold the bits and bobs of whatever little I have collected and like to show off...
And Swapna... I love the wall clock in the back ground.. Your home is lovely.. thank you for being part of Colours Dekor...


  1. Patty,Did you get my entry, I sent it yesterday!!

  2. Clock in the background is gorgeous...

  3. Those shelves are so cute Swapna, and love how they pick up the wood accent from the bench:)

    Really enjoyed all the shelf stories Patty:)

  4. pretty shelves and pretty arrangement too...

  5. Patty, I finally managed to join in:) linked up my post.

  6. Love those shelfs. Looks very old and familiar. Lovely August spotlight Patty. Looking forward to the September one :-)

  7. Thanks for featuring my shelfs Patty!
    Thanks all for the comments.

    I get inspired by all you lovely bloggers and decor enthusiasts.
    Thanks again.


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