Wednesday 3 August 2011

Enchanting Entrances ~ Saroja

This is the last entry for 'Enchanting Entrances'... and is truly a stunning entry!!
Saroja ~
I am an HR professional by occupation and am still figuring out the ‘non-work” person in me. I love travelling, food, ppl :), believe in the simple pleasures of life - watching kids play, sharing a cup of tea with a friend, flowers blooming, a 'zest for life' smile, list goes on. My blog futlooz is an attempt to capture my experience with people, places and palates through the lens. I know I can not express every fibre of my feelings through a picture but I also know a picture speaks a thousand words, so that’s why its my best known medium for now.
Aren't the pictures stunning?? *sigh*... Hope you've enjoyed the Enchanting Entrances series.. as much as I have...
Do have a look at the rest of the entries...
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  1. Hey Saroja, this is very pretty and neat. :-) The enamel(?) fish is particularly cute!

  2. I love those fish oranments too!

    My DD would love them as she adores fishes!

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  3. I LOVED the 3 step drawers near the Buddha-such a unique splash of color! Tasteful n fun : )

  4. Thank you! Patty. Heartening to see the pics here.

  5. Thank you! everyone for your encouraging comments. My zodiac represents fishes, that should explain my love for fishes ;)

  6. Gorgeous Saroja:) Enjoyed your pictorial blog too:):)

  7. Very Beautiful Entrance Saroja, Thanks for Showcasing Patty we loved it :) and now I am off to Saroja's Blog for more :)

  8. Beautiful entrance... Love those fish ornaments...


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