Friday 19 August 2011

Shelf Stories ~ Meenakshi

Sharing pictures of her stunning collection today is Meenakshi, who is a home maker, a design enthusiast at heart and totally loves collecting exclusive items from her travels. Currently in Mumbai, but having lived in Dubai and Armenia and having travelled a fair bit... .... her collection truly speaks of her love for art & travel...
Do you want to see pictures of her home??
Far Eastern beauties with Babhooshka & Chinese men...
Russian seniors socialising over the game of checkers !
Russian zhar (king) zharina (queen) with their best friends& nut cracker ...
I'm enjoying these shelf stories.... are you??


  1. WOW amazing........ i am enjoying all the shelf stories :)

  2. I really enjoyed browsing through your beautifully displayed shelf.

  3. Thanks a ton Patty!My joy knows no bound today to see my collection in ur shelf stories !!!

  4. Very interesting collectibles. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Beautiful collection. Reminds me of the Doll House in Delhi :)


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