Monday 15 August 2011

The Weekly Story ~ wk 44

Hello my lovelies... I'm renaming the Weekend Wrap Up and calling it 'The Weekly Story'... I'm super excited!! Are you?? Thank you all for your constant encouragement in the form of comments, emails and suggestions....
So here goes... This link party is now open to everyone!! Yes!! YES!! EVERY ONE!!
Sims & I did a mock table top for our Iftaar party. The above pic is her idea... A tang bottle, a jam bottle, an IKEA bottle.. and a few flowers and candles... totally makes her day!! What do you think?? She wants to start blogging too... but just cant think of topics for now... *smiles*
And finally... all the 'Shelf Stories'... has motivated me to put up some shelves... These are the W shaped shelves for CDs... No!! No!! Im not going to put CDs on them... Here is my compilation of 6 shelves... What do you think ??
Featuring two posts, that touched my heart last week.... Simran wrote about Dastkar Bazaar... and I so wanted to walk that street with her!! I'm super proud of Sensitive Creations for being a photographer at 'the baby shower'... I'm hoping this will encourage you to go and check out these two blogs... And don't forget to comment... as its always encouraging!!
I'm eagerly waiting for you to join 'The Weekly Story' linky party ~ open from Monday through Wednesday every week.. ... ... ...

  1. Do a post on your blog, about ANYTHING! and it can really be anything – example – a fun recipe you tried out, a craft project, a DIY, a table top, a few candles, coffee with friends or a good book or a movie review… The list is endless… just about ANYTHING… and anything about YOU !! *smiles* ... It can also be 'anything pretty' ...
  2. Original photographs only... No images from other websites or magazines please!! This is about YOU.
  3. Link back to my blog.... only as a courtesy, so we have more people joining the party.
  4. Copy the 'permalink' from your post (not the link to the front page of your blog).
  5. Add your 'permalink' to the 'inlinkz' at the bottom of this post.
  6. Click the link before you. Don’t forget to comment and if you like the blog, please follow!!

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Please note, you DO NOT have to be a follower of my blog to join the party.. I'd love to see you here!!

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Colours Dekor

~ Patricia


  1. Patty, can't believe I am the first one in Your Weekly Story:):) Sims is a budding designer:)

  2. Weekly Story! Wow! I like the new name! It has a Zing to it as well!

    I love those W Shaped shelves.

    I have shared 'Dice Floor Cushion Tutorial'this week. It is sure to be a bit among kids!

  3. I like your new name,Patty.Good luck.

  4. I like the new name, the flower arrangement and shelf is lovely!

  5. loved those w shelves!

    have linked with my view of nature decor! ;)

  6. Thanks for hosting The Weekly Story, Patricia! I love your photo's, beautiful setting. The flowers are so lovely, especially the white. Hope you have a great week!

  7. Luv the new name,flower arrangement looks so good :)

  8. Name change is cool! I love that all white arrangement with that dash of color. Sims a way to go :-).

  9. Awww Patty! Thank you so much for the mention :) I have always loved your blog and am an ardent fan. Sims is walking in mommy's footsteps - talented and creative! And "Weekly Story" sounds great. Cheers to many more link ins!!

  10. hey! Patty, that's huge encouragement....Thanks forbeing so sensitive :) ...The new series is much more convenient , I am sure I 'll now be linking more now there woud be no compulsions of Weekend ..

    And I cannot forget ...Sims Idea is actually fabulous, the table setting looked really nice...Well I guess she can blog about her class room crafts and likes :)

    Take care

  11. La-la-liike the new name and the new format Patty! :)

  12. I just wanted to thank you for being an inspiration .I showed my mom pics of your home/blog and now she thinks home is a place with soul .

  13. Hi Patty, the table looks great and you should let your daughter guest post once in a while:)so she can blog:) Selves looks great...but I want to see the after with your collection...I m pretty sure you have something great for that..

  14. Hi Patty,
    Love the 'new name'!..your table looks gorgeous!!
    Thanks for hosting again :)

  15. missed visiting your blog and knowing what you've been upto :) Yuor iftaar parties are always sensational and the sneak peek you just gave has me all excited and curious!


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