Saturday 29 October 2011

Halloween Decor

Are you joining us for Halloween this year?? for some gorgeous, pumpkins and stunning witch's hats ... more orange beauty... Come on in!! *smiles*

Now.. the candles did not survive past Diwali... so here is what the foyer looks like...

A few sketches in the frames... and some black paint... The girls have been busy....

another look...

I found the black tea lights at IKEA...

and the spiders belongs to Sims since she was two...

And if you happen to enter the guest restroom, the bats have taken over... as well...

on the way upstairs... some more bats...

Now.. the centre table...

The witch left her hat here... *smiles*

Orange.. is my favourite colour...

So... what do you think?? Isn't it pretty??


  1. Pat,

    It's spooky and creative at the same time. Perfect for the occasion.

  2. You have taken Halloween theme so well throughout your home. Good creative work.

  3. patty,

    yes its brilliant and I can see the effort!! Three cheers to the girls...:)

  4. very very everybit...Can you believe we are having a snow today oct.

  5. Bats on the wall, in the bathroom,really spooky. However it all adds up in creating the appropriate mood for the Halloween.
    Wish you happy holidays!

  6. I liked the spiders too, they are really cute.

  7. Liked the silhouette style pictures...will join in the party soon with pictures!

  8. Amazing makeover from the diwali decor you shared in your previous post. I likes the black sketches... makes a creative and neat art work for kids.

  9. what a transition from diwali decor to Halloween decor!


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