Wednesday 9 May 2012

Can I draw?...Can I paint?

 Happy Wednesday!...Today, I am going to share with you some fun stuff that my darling nephew and niece created a couple of weeks ago, when they had come over to spend the weekend at my place. We usually pack these weekends with loads of activity and fun times. The kids are always raring to go and very enthusiatic...We usually start planning a couple if days ahead, and the goal is to ensure they do not get bored, learn and take home something they can keep, gift or share with someone special. When I was young, my aunt would spend a lot of time, encouraging me to do lots of I am trying to be there for her grandkids and do the same.

Like most kids, Sanju and Sahana love to draw, paint, make all those fun stuff with clay, jewels,...Now Sanju has the artsy bent  of mind, vivid imagination, loves to paint on canvas...and yes is always painting abstracts. No boundaries for this kid...and he also understands, that at the end, he has to be happy with the  piece of art. It does not matter, if others do not like... Art also needs to be respected, and never paint, when you dont want  to. It is crazy, but this kid understands the rules...and is focused. He is seven and half...and he has been painting for the last 2 years...
Now Sahana, is a different story...she is four and half going on 20!...she wants to everything her Bhaiya does, knows everything, and lands up doing well, only if bribed!

So what did the kids do??..They made some decoupage pieces of art...with pieces of construction paper, Modge Podge and loads of creativity...

Sanju drawing the picture...

Paper cut into small pieces...

Sahana's artpiece is also ready...

Snip Snip goes the scissors...

The fun starts now...Sanju glueing similar coloured paper into the same block...

Voila...Sanju's Art piece...Ok, Sanju then painted Mod Podge after the glue dried and then outlined the blocks with a thick sketch pen...and yes had the piece framed...courtesy IKEA Ribba frames

Hold on...Sahana is also ready with her art piece...

Glimpse of the pretty Art pieces in my cousins kitchen...

Dont they look great...?

Hope you liked this post...Next week, I will introduce to this lovely young girl, Aashi Jhawar, who lives in beautiful Seattle. Boy, did she impress me with everything she does and is involved in..!!.Now you have to come back next wednesday, to read about Aashi...Adios...


  1. hi anpu, the art work is swell, the best part is you showed me how it turned to be so great step by step....nothing is impossible,for amateurs like me,this is helpful, regds, viraj.

  2. These turned out great! I love how they are so different, too. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Fabulous!! What a wonderfully fun project. I am sure that the kids are very lucky to have such a talented aunt.


  4. thats a beautiful piece of art bu a 4 year old. looks wonderful. very neat and real arty.

  5. Lovely ! Very talented kids !

  6. looks great! what a great project!

  7. This is just amazingggg!!!!U made out them so gooddddd

  8. Your niece and nephew are so lucky to have an aunt like you! Beautiful finished pieces!!!

  9. Awesome,what a lovely piece of mosaic with papers! We adults have so much to learn from kids,for a change.

  10. very pretty masterpieces made by the kids..lucky to get a aunty who guides and encourages them!


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