Monday 28 May 2012

The Weekly Story ~ wk 80

Remember last week, I was talking about garden cleaning.... This week I've managed to clean and clear the rest of my home..... *sigh*.... Yes, it took two week of planning and two weeks of working in the evenings... till late.. at night to get this accomplished.... 

But now that its done, I can start planning and focussing on individual projects *smiles*  

And this is how the backyard looks... sweeping the floor, mopping the floor, cleaning the bench... *smiles*.. Makes me believe that this place needs a makeover... Saying that, the weather in Dubai going forward isn't going to allow us to use this space.... so I only need to revamp this in Sept...

Mr. Froggy is chipped... but I cant do without him... He is the cutest... I'm going to paint him into a happy pink colour I think... *grins*

Some images of my happy space... This is where I like... spending my 'me' time with a book... or cup of coffee.. and across this... is this cute little buddha...

So join in....  'The Weekly Story' linky party ~ open from Monday through Wednesday every week..
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  1. Great redo in the backyard! Let September hurry up!:-)

  2. I loved Mr.Froggy and the Buddha.. Great space you have there. I have a pretty neat garden too, but due to lack of proper garden furniture, we spend very little time there. Must take some inspiration from you (and money from someone's wallet) to make a little nook in my garden too. :)

  3. I like your Froggy. He is cute without painting.
    Buddha too so cute.
    I love your arrangements.

  4. Gorgeous gorgeous blog Patricia! I am going to try and do a link something today, now to think up a pretty photograph :)

  5. Hee! Froggy is adorable. :)

    What is that white-flowered vine in the pic with the metal chairs? That is GORGEOUS! I want one! :)

  6. Patricia, can you please remove my first link, some problem when u click it.

  7. The froggie is adorable, why's he so pensive though? Do post a pic post painting him pink :)


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