Thursday 12 July 2012

Home bar ~ lads space

You've seen part 1 of this space... The space in my home which has the most uncomfortable chairs and yet the boys spend most of their time here... What antisocial people... I tell you!! *smiles*

And on the side wall.... I have a few CD racks that I put together... (got them cheap from Home Center sometime during their sale last year)... *smiles*

And here lies... the stories of my travels.... *smiles*

I can tell you exactly where I got each shot glass from... where the shop was... what the surroundings looked like... I can spot the most expensive glass on here as well.... 

Memories of holding hands... in small little alleys... (Well... hubby & I only hold hands on holiday.... *grins*)

Memories of love, laughter, food, wine, hills, valleys, lakes and moutains.... *sigh*

You think I'm exaggerating ... isnt it?? *giggles*.... 

Thought I'll share my space with you.... before it gets a mini make over... *smiles*... I have some new ideas brewing in my head.... *smiles*


  1. Fabulous!! Love it Patty :-)

  2. Hand holding in gullys and all...too cute. : )
    It's going to change soon? To a bigger bar? : D
    What a plan! I suspect you'll have all the boys help on that project!

  3. Loved it...I would love to read if you write all your experiences...and make a book like "Travel encyclopedia"...

  4. lovely collection.. wish u stayed closer.. I'd have dropped in everyday for inspiration :)

  5. lovely collection.. wish u stayed closer.. I'd have dropped in everyday for inspiration :)

  6. wow patty..the collection makes me envious !!!

  7. So inspiring! I just loved your creativity. Arihant mattress provides great comfort and maintains good health.
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  8. Splendid, every nook in your home is picture perfect.

  9. Hey,thats a neat looking bar niche you've created!Loved those assymetrical brackets crawling all over the walls to house your shot glasses and travel memorabilias,they look so much fun!


  10. wow. loved your collection Pat.. these delicate beauties must need lot of care in handling..

    Do you have a count of how many shot glasses you have collected so far.. since you remember the stories behind them, i would love to read about the top 10 among them in terms of what is special or memorable thing about them.. pls do such a post when time permits :) thanks..



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