Friday 20 July 2012

Store Review ~ Entropy

I'm one of those people who admire talent... and am always amazed at people who follow their hearts and live their dreams... 

On these t-shirts... rather.. in this t-shirt store.. is a story of two such amazing talents ~ Shruti & Shrada... Visit their store... and FB page Entropy!! 

So when Shradha (the designer) laid her hands on a plain t-shirt and came up with a design which was simple yet interesting, the very first t-shirt “Start” was born. Soon their friends, cousins started asking for t-shirts and designs. Thats when they decided to broaden the horizon and start with a webstore for selling these. So came up ENTROPY, the name which was predefined for their first venture, whatever it might (we just love the sound of it…tech+geek+cool).

After this came days and hours of endless... testing t-shirts (quality, fitting, colors), webstore designs ~ sipping coffee till wee hours of the morning, Sketches (Shruti sketched almost every element of the website) planning, banks, registrations, deadlines (making and breaking), shoots, courier, Facebook/Twitter… list goes on.... and on....  

Sticking true to their name, the designs and themes are not very well thought, they come up randomly when the designer (remember her name?) sits with a t-shirts.

And thats how an exclusive hand made t-shirt comes your way... *smiles*


  1. i really love them..the designs are so simple..yet they look so elegant..good work!!Thanks for a nice review!

  2. Thoughtful idea. Takes courage to follow your heart and it's quite heartening to see so many entrepreneurs out there.

  3. Thanks for your lovely words...even more inspired :)

  4. Love these designs... Creative, yet inspired by daily life.

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