Thursday 19 July 2012

Home Makeover tips : Knick Knacks

Do you remember my post on changing the colours of my living space? Well I had a few queries on how I could even think of changing colours that easily or ever so often... 

Well to tell you honestly... its my favourite pass time... *smiles*... Yes.. I thrive on doing new things around my home... (Sounds a bit sad.... doesn't it?)

So today... I thought I'll share a few tips .... 

Truth is that 'small', 'inexpensive' projects ... that are well executed can easily freshen up your living space and create a whole new ambience... And no!! it doesn't have to be a 'designer look'.. 

Introduce throws, pillows, shawls, tea lights, drapery, linen, table cloths. All of these can be rotated when you want a change of scenery or simply want to change colour schemes. Use doophattas or shawls as throws as well - a decor item doesn't need to have a 'home accessory' tag on it!

Whilst on the topic of knick knacks, don’t forget hanging shelves. Wall shelves and hanging shelves can easily double as pieces of d├ęcor. These are functional and creative. Display photographs, artwork, collectibles or tell your own special story on your shelf. Be creative with your use of different types of shelves to balance out a room and freshen up the space.

It could be a collection of bottle caps, coasters, even matchboxes - it will be yours, it will be special and it will be unique.

This is what my home looks like everyday.... Its got little bursts of pink....

And... here is what I do, when I want a quick makeover... for say the weekend, a special occasion or a party....

If your sofas and curtains are of basic colours, these can easily blend in with any colour of your choice. Saying that, if they are not, and you have red sofas.... there are still a lot of colours that you can play around with... Believe me... the palette is unexplored *smiles* 

Tip 1 : Buy accessories that are simply, inexpensive ... with a standard base made out of wood, brass or even glass ...  (example the candle holder above...) 

Tip 2 : Collect accessories for those accessories... example, I have two wooden bases that are candle holders ... over the years, I have pink, yellow, orange, gold, blue tea light holders ...

I also have coloured pebbles or stones... that I put in glass for a colourful effect... And if you don't have coloured pebbles... spray paint or simply paint garden stones... 

Place a mirror on a table... with coloured glass tea light holders and place these pebbles around for an instant sparkle to your party... *smiles*

Tip 3 : Use items from around the house to change the look quickly.... ie, the punjabi glass you see in the above image is normally kept at a place of prominence... However, in the above image, I've used it like a vase... and its nearly hidden ...

Tip 4 : We all have pashminas, shawls and doophattas... Use them as throws on the sofas ... It instantly creates the much required magic...

Now here is the 'peacock' look... or the blue inspiration *smiles*...

And now for the summer look... 'orange'...

Again, simply re-arrange things around the house for a new look *smiles*

Do you like 'pink', 'orange' or 'blue'....

Now.. look through your home and see what you can find... look through your wardrobe to see what pashminas you can use... And if you've created magic... don't forget to email pictures to 


  1. These are some great tips... changing the clor of the shawl makes so much of difference.

  2. This is awesome effortlessly you do it!

  3. you always have some wonderful ideas!!!

  4. loving the topic....and your home looks amazing!honestly,makeovers can be done in a jiffy and without spending a single penny!!!

  5. Oh love this! Great ideas! Now off to look around the home and make some changes!

  6. Reallyy too goodddd I luv blueeeeeee

  7. beautiful tips, pats...yes i have some time at hand now, and will be a regular at your blog:)...


  8. Great tips , Patty...your home looks beautiful as ever :)

  9. Hi, I came across your blog just recently. You have a lovely space out here. The use of colours in your decor is very interesting :-)


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