Saturday 21 July 2012

Makeover series ~ Vandana's home

You haven't send me pics as yet? *sigh*... What can I say!! Share some makeover stories, show off your knick knacks, painted walls, rugs, lights ... or simply all the clutter that makes a home... 

The first entry for this is Vandana's home... You've seen pics of her home before ~ Home tour... 

Today she shares little corners of her home, filled with knick knacks that she loves to collect... 

Oh.. I will be talking about rugs again... but check out the cushion on top!! Isn't that a wow!!

Each corner of her home, has a story to tell.... So much colour... so much love... so much character.. 

And a little cozy seating, that is enchnanced by the pretty rug... Pops up the whole scene .. doesn't it?

Now, email your pictures to ... I'm waiting... 


  1. My favorite was the last picture - great seating arrangement. Maybe a different color for the cushions would enhance the look.

  2. loved those autorickshaw and other wall panels...:)

  3. Full of colours and full of life ,,,

  4. Thank you Patricia for having me over again!And thanks Lakshmi,Sharon and Notyet100!

  5. Madhuban Ganguly21 July 2012 at 22:22

    Love this Home, this Haven, this Heaven
    Beautiful and Pristine!

  6. Hi Patricia,

    How are you? I sent you an email and pics!


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  8. What beautiful home decor! Getting new ideas for mine now! Thank you for sharing Vandana and Patricia!


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