Friday 8 March 2013

My Home, My Haven ~ Arthi (Part 2)

At the end of this... you'll be hoping for a part 3... Like I did!! *smiles*.. 

I sure you remember part 1... now be enchanted with more..

Once again... showing off... the other side or Arthi's gorgeous home... 

I like the idea behind placement of furniture... .the diwaan seating, the chair with the old fan and telephone... and the yin-yan cabinet... inspiring!!

A closer look and some of the stuff... 

Arthi has an amazing way of displaying all her gorgeous finds... Everything looks perfect... 

And below is a Kavad from Rajasthan Chittor ...

a glimpse... of another few stunning rooms... 

and for some reason.. I can't get my eyes off this room... 

Hop on to her blog to read about these masks.. 

I'm sure you love what you see... So pop into Arthi's at The not so artful dodger... and be mesmerized.. *smiles*


  1. gorgeous the raja ravi verma's poster & ... yin yang cabinet is totally kool.

  2. Thanks a lot Pat - you are very generous

    The White piece is a Kavad from Chittod...

  3. Love the home... thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow so beautiful!!! I am not able to take eyes off this home. I have visited Arthi's home tour part 1 a minimum number of 30 times (no exaggeration)

    Home echoes high aesthetic sense of the owner. Thank you Arthi and Patty for sharing.

  5. Arthi - I want to come over!!! - D

  6. Thanks Anon, I would turn red if i could

    Thanks Nayana and Orlando

  7. Very very gorgeous Arthi! Loved every inch of your fabulous space!

  8. Lovely decoration... I love that all... and you do best job all time... thanks for sharing your blog...

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  9. What an absolutely 'gawgissss' house! Love the master bedroom, mine has never ever looked so neat/organised and beautiful! Just wow!


  10. So many fabulous inspirational ideas that I can save and incorporate into my very own home. Nice share!

  11. lovely home ... gives a sense of welcoming with open arms ... thanks for sharing!


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