Wednesday 13 March 2013

Green Thumb ~ Neethu

I'm so thrilled to show you this gorgeous balcony... To all those who questioned or email me saying... I have a small balcony... this is just a perfect answer!!

Having something like this in Dubai is a rather difficult task... more like a full time passion...

Showing off Neethu's work of art...

And here is what Neethu has to say... 

I really don't know what to say about my Garden except that most of my plants either bear flower or fruit or they are herbs. When they thrive it means they are responding to my care and it makes me so has also taught me to be patient, as sometimes due to various reasons when they wilt, I don't give up on them, of course some of them die in the course of time but I prune them and water them and voila there is a sign of life.. My Garden has taught me to never give up and that everything takes time and that patience and care/love is key...

I love how everything is so well arranged... 

Arrangement is the key to a balcony looking stunning... and if you have small spaces... go vertical... 

Now thats a true inspiraiton... 

I'll leave you here.... with images of her gorgeous garden / balcony... 


So tell me what you think?? Go on and inspire Neethu to share some more tips... *smiles*


  1. This is a really lovely terrace! Love the flowers in a tea cup!

  2. This is amazingly beautiful. She really has a green thumb, in fact a dark green one :-) Envy your choice of of plants and all look so happy and healthy.

    And thank you much Patricia for sharing it

  3. Wow,this balcony is such an inspiration which prooves time and space is no bar for pursuing a passion!As they "its possible " you see.Eyeing those home grown kitchen herbs and veggies. Thanks Patty for sharing these.

  4. Oh...veggies are driving me crazy...Neethu...kudos to your styling and arrangement! Lovely planters!

  5. how lovely! not one green bone in my body though :(...lessons to be learnt, thanks for sharing.


  6. Beautiful Garden....kudos to Neetu.

  7. OOOh this is a lovely post and esp since Neethu is a woman after my own heart! She is also a fabulous cook (amazing shrimps she cooks) and has a passion for teaching. Thanks for sharing Patty. Im so inspired, will go this weekend and check out her place or a nursery! :D

    La la la @ the pictures.
    Good job N.


  8. really a beautiful garden and reflects the real creative person in neethu.. gr8 job seriousy..ur garden looks amazing nd ya inspires too !!

  9. what to say other than wow.... i can understand the patience and hard work behind this garden....

  10. oh my gosh this is so pretty!!


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