Wednesday 14 May 2014

Koyri~handmade delights

Koyri ~

The paisley motif is called Koyri in Marathi and because Gunjan loves the motif and its Indian-ness.... She named her store Koyri.

Making something by hand… shows you are truly passionate about it… 

A little about Gunjan ~

I am working in the software industry for 10 years. Mother to a toddler, and settled in Pune (originally a Bombay girl) my try at handmade jewelry can be called a serendipity. I am a self-taught artist and have no professional background in this but I love design and colours and I am a big DIY fan. I started off making accessories for myself which were appreciated by friends and colleagues and that's how rest of the story goes. It has been more than three years that I started a facebook page and went public but I feel I am still learning new things by practice everyday. Just a week back, I made (and sold) earcuffs from wire. Something I had never done before. :)

I cannot say I make only jewelry cos I play around with my beads a lot and I have made garden accessories, fridge magnets, bookmarks ... the list is long... I also make block printed bags... 

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Also, check out her store!!


  1. Thanks Patricia! So happy to get featured on your blog. :)

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    You have nice collection!

  3. Nice post, i hope everyone will like your post..


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