Friday 8 August 2014

Home tour ~ Sunitha

I know what you are thinking.. This is the fourth and final part of this home tour.. But I still haven't had enough and still want to see more *smiles* 

A little about Sunitha's home

“Home is where the heART is” is “the” statement that I believe in :)
I have tried to give a contemporary feel with a mixture of both tradition and modern look. Have used lot of wood, brass and tiny arty things to create the effect. Small little plants are always my part of designs. 

I believe that plants are one of the biggest elements which can enhance the look of the place with a warmth and fresh atmosphere around. To the walls, I have used vibrant colors like red, yellow, orange and green. 

I feel red is very Indian and traditional colour which have used lot in the living area. Yellow for the kitchen walls and green for kitchen cabinets, and this yellow and green combination was always there on my mind before I executed in my planning stage to give a retro look to my kitchen. 

I love photo frames and how could I not use my photographs which have taken during my travel :) I shortlisted few of them and got it framed!! Lots of love and interest with little possessiveness excites me to keep doing something new for my home. It gives me a sense of happiness and satisfaction! It is also a stress buster sometimes :)

Hop over to her facebook page to see more of her creativity at Sunitha Nadig


  1. Lovely home Sunitha, love the use of colours and the fab India furniture ( ?) that is so beautifully arranged in the right corners. Love that crockery cupboard too and your collection of brass artifacts . Thanks Patty for this lovely home tour :)

  2. What a gorgeous and a warm welcoming home Sunitha! Love the brass figures..especially the bell...and the achar martaban turned into apot...lovely!!

  3. Loved the use of brass and wood in the home...nicely done Sunitha

  4. Totally Loved it ..... Beautiful colors !!

  5. oh what a lovely home!!
    i would give an arm or leg to get a kitchen hutch like hers!!! ;-)
    thanx for sharing Patricia!!!!

  6. Hello, love to read your article and get so much information through your blog


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