Wednesday 4 February 2015

Deepti Designs

Simply have to share this store review today!! Something I instantly fell in love with!

Taking a leap from a comfortable and financially secured corporate job to an unsure and scantily-earning world of art and painting was definitely not a straightforward decision for the 29 years old Deepti Agrawal Mittal. She earned her MBA (Finance) gold medal from Christ College in Bangalore, a city which she calls her second home. After serving in the corporate world for initial couple of years, her profound passion for art couldn’t lay dormant anymore. She took this leap of faith into an altogether different area not so professionally recognized even to this day.

Practising art was like a parallel routine for her right from childhood even though she never underwent any formal training. Her knowledge in art was limited to Indian folk art “Madhubani Painting” which finds its roots in Bihar exactly where Deepti was born and spent all her childhood. She uses this lack of formal training in art to her advantage and creates pretty imperfections along her way which have now become her style and ‘artentity’.

Taking it forward one step at a time, she is capitalising on her experience in this ancient folk and her interest in the contemporary styles to create a whole new genre of art that she calls “Modern Madhubani”. Additionally, blending the beauty of various Indian and international folk arts such as Kalamkari, Australian dot art, Warli Painting, etc. with her forte Madhubani Painting, she creates altogether a new genre of art “Folk Fusion”.  Her canvases are in galleries across USA and her paintings are featured in global art magazines. Since her art pieces inspired with spirituality are deemed ataractic, they are invited for shows in cancer centers in the New England area of USA. 

Deepti works with a wide range of mediums. From home-accents to kitchen d├ęcor and her line of wearable art, she practically hasn’t left any aspect of life insipid! The latest sensation is her line of designer and hand-painted leather bags which are adored by women across the globe. Her first limited edition collection “La Sak” was almost sold out within couple of days after its launch in late June 2014.

She also is credited for starting first online-Madhubani Painting classes which are self-paced and interactive. These are getting popular with art-lovers around the world as they can be accessed from everywhere in the globe.

From making greeting cards to painting on sarees and salwar suits to now introducing new genres under the banner of “Deepti Designs”, she certainly has brought her style of art a long way which she feels is just the beginning of her long journey. 

Despite achieving greater height, Deepti is strongly attached to her roots. She donates a part of her art-auctions to those less-fortunate women artists in the rurals of Bihar who she informally got trained from. She strongly believes that those unnamed artisans are the true keepers of this Indian heritage which is ancient and timeless and the legacy of which needs to be passed on to the generations ahead... 

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  1. OMG! She's brilliant!

  2. Those shoes are to die for! Love her work. Great post.

  3. What a wonderful post, thanks for sharing it....going to checkout her page next!

  4. Wow!! Exceptionally beautiful work! Love the intricate patterns and how neatly they are done.



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