Wednesday 11 February 2015

My Home, My Haven - Durga - Part 1

Welcome to Durga's home!! Sit back with your cup of chai, coz I'm sure you will enjoy being here..

I am a doctor by profession residing in Colombo.I do not own this apartment but I own the space.I think it is even more of a challenge then.

Srilanka is famous for its woven mats which I have used this in the balcony. This was the pic used in the Weekly Story on Monday.

I have a collection of Ganeshas and as you can see I have not grouped them,instead I have used it around the house so that they blend in.

The corridor features an original painting by a street artist and an ikebana arrangement with handmade bird mobiles.

I try to incorporate rustic decor with colour so that it is not too extreme.

My centre table has a Buddha, small artefacts from Turkey and a painted glass candle holder from Vienna.

Do you like what you see?? Leave some comments for Durga... And if your home is as beautiful as this.. email me on


  1. Dear Durga C, thanks for sharing beautiful pictures of your home. Please share some tips. Thanks Ujnam.

  2. Awesome furniture pieces, well displayed... LOve to see more of it.

  3. simple yet elegant house... n one thing that i really want to know.. how does she managet o have that tall bamboo on the dinning table.. It would have been knocked down a hundred times had it been my house !!!!


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