Friday 13 February 2015

My Home, My Haven - Durga - Part 2

Still touring Durgas home today and focussing on corners of her home!! 

Here is a little monk. Durga thought that the bamboo umbrella will be appropriate next to him.

This is a Pallankuzhi,a game played with seeds or shells.This is from Durgas maternal ancestral home.

Little knick knacks.. 

This Ganesha is a cut-out from a wedding invite and Durga says she is lucky to have an excellent photo frame shop nearby.The background is raw silk.

The last pic is paddy that is traditionally hung in Srilankan homes as an auspicious symbol.

I love so many little corners of this home.. What do you love??


  1. Wow..... So lovely.....we are tenants now n.soon we r going to be owners
    And I will be sharing every nooks of my home in dis beautiful blog soon....loved the post...

  2. The pullangkuzhi board.. Wow. We played many games with them when we were little in our grandma's place. That was a wonderful time without "THE WIFI". Wish my daughter can discover simple fun games like this.

    The board looks so vintage. Must remind mom to dig up the board we had at home, And the lovely blood red seeds we used to collect to play with.. Thanks for sharing, Loved the home tour.


  3. The little monk with the bamboo umbrella is soooooo cute !!!!


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