Friday 6 February 2015

Wall of Frames

Do you remember this wall from my old home?? When we moved a few years ago, all these frames that were in one box were lost in transition... *sigh*..

Lets not ponder over that now... Have a look at the earlier post! 

This is the first time, I found the courage to put so many frames on a wall.. This took a while, to decide, to plan, to ponder, procrastinate.. and finally get the brothers to help.. 

So I've been thinking I'd like to create something similar... and was looking through my folder of inspirations.. mostly image from google, that I save for a later date.. 

These two are my favourite.. and they have one thing in common... *smiles*.. 

Do you have a wall like this to show me?? to inspire me with?? Email me on 


  1. Loved that wall will be waiting what U come up next

  2. Its Very Pretty Art I really like to visit this blog.Thanks for sharing this with us.

  3. Can't wait to see you re-do the wall!

  4. 'That' wall is still in my head. Hope to turn it into reality soon. And when that happens.. will share with you for sure!


  5. nice frames. thanks for sharing photo..
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