Friday 1 June 2012

Disneyland Hong Kong..... Fantasy land!!

Can you imagine being a child again? Without fear and worry? Can you imagine believing in magic carpets, mermaids & Santa? That was me!!!!

Last year we celebrated my daughters birthday at Disneyland Hong Kong. She had a blast… it was the best birthday ever!!! But Me…. I had the best time of my life…. I wanted to run around like a little child and believe in Santa again.

We took a bus to the Disneyland Resort, and as we entered … stood Santa. Oh my God.. I cannot tell you how real he looked… I had to run and hug him.

The place itself is magical. All the staff members are friendly and accommodating. My daughter was given a badge that stated ‘its my birthday’… so she was obviously on top of the world. She felt like a princess is what she said! Her eyes sparkled with delight as she got to meet & greet the Disney characters… specially all the princesses. They stopped to write a birthday message and autograph her book. Each character spent time talking to her… and made her day!!

We then went onwards to the Disneyland Park. Its just amazing.. Its like stepping into another world… of magic & happiness. Everyone around you… has a huge smile!!

Here are a few pictures of how the park is decorated.

The shows that take place ... all day long!!

The rides are fascinating. My younger daughter loved Dumbo the Elephnat, while my older one loved the Tea cup ride, my husband and brother had be dragged from the Techno / Space age rides… Me on the other hand… was living in fantasyland!!!

The parade was fantastic. Here is a picture of Mickey. My kids followed the parade, holding on to the rope…. Till the very end!!

By day … this is how Cinderella’s castle looked…

And by night… it was absolutely stunning. And when the fireworks started… my heart just skipped a beat!!!

And after a long night, when we went back to the hotel… there was so much to see!!! This is a picture of the goodies in the toilet!!!

I switched on the TV and it played all the Disney cartoons and movies… Sorry!! I just had to stay awake!
We left Disney via train to the airport… and the windows were Mickey shaped… and it had loads of momentos… We just did not want ot get off!!

I’ve promised to take my younger kid to Disney in Oralando for her 6th birthday!! I’ll go back to Disneyland for sure… I loved the experience… and the simplicity of live!!


  1. What a fun way to spend a birthday... a memory she'll keep forever. I'm dying to take my kids there someday soon.

  2. You sure have made the birthday special for her Pat. The kids are so lucky to have such wonderful parents like you and your hubby.
    I wish I could do that someday for my kids.

  3. Thanks for sharing the pics,this place is on my wish list since long

  4. Oh Patricia
    My abundant love for Disney characters and Disney movies will surely take me to this place some day :) Keeping my fingers crossed till then!

  5. what a fun way to celebrate birthdays...i have set aside hong kong and singapore as trips to be made with my kids!!


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