Saturday 18 September 2010

Arti's cozy corner

So what makes your home cozy?? ……………… YOU – you make your home or corner cozy!! Yes! You!! … Today, Arti is joining Cozy Corners and showing us pictures from her tiny apartment… Arti changes the look & feel of her home by changing the spreads, cushions and accessories. I’ve told you before… I love seeing homes with a warm, cozy, ‘love me’ kind of a feeling.. Loads of clutter and a little attitude!! Her favourite corner is this little den… a day bed & bamboo chairs.
These are my favourite corners because we spend so much time here.. watching late night TV, being with friends and entertaining guests… so on and of course surfing internet and checking on all those lovely blogs :-)
Dont miss her laptop...
Do you have a favourite cozy corner to talk about?? Join the September Cozy Corners… or email me on


  1. U knw Patty... whenever I come to comment on ur blog.. I am lost with all cozy corners post u hv.. simply awesome! I have just bought a new house and will start interiors..I am definitely going to pic ideas frm here :) Thanks dear!

  2. the mosaic flooring and the modaz remind me of my childhood :)

  3. I loved the all-white set up, looks so serene...I wish I could find a way to maintain my whites white!

  4. Hi,
    Nice collection of Ethnic & traditional Indian pictures and writing.

  5. Thanku all:)

    Thanks Patricia for featuring my pics on your blog!!


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