Tuesday 28 September 2010

Sharon's Dance of Freedom!!

I’m so pleased to feature Sharon Castelino & her work!! This is true talent…. I’d love for all my readers to pass this message on and encourage Sharon and her most amazing paintings.. Heading to the festive season.. I’m sure you can think of buying a Diwali, Eid, Christmas, New Year or Birthday gift for one of your loved ones… from her amazing collection.
This art is the creative imagination of Sharon Castelino but is jointly interpreted by her parents Stephen and Sylvine. Sharon is now 26 years old deaf and dumb by birth. Sharon’s artistic talent was discovered by her mother Sylvine when she was only two years old. All her paintings have depth and detail. Being very close to nature, Sharon’s themes mainly consist of sceneries, clouds, animals and imaginative creations.
“The beauty of an art is in the eye of the beholder” An adaptation of Greek Proverb
The picture is painted in blue which is Sharon’s favorite color. Blue is calming, strong and steadfast or light and friendly. Sharon expresses that she is steadfast in her imaginative dream. Secondly the color blue evokes signs of reassurance in a complex world, while adding a hint of mystery and excitement. Sharon expresses in this work of art that even though she faces many challenges that she is offered tremendous reassurance from her family and friends.
Sharon is a true believer. Even though she is not able to express in words her art expresses faith in God and invites us to believe in unique gifts like faith, hope, Peace and freedom. The art also expresses Sharon’s thought –“You have to dream before your dreams can come true.”
Each of her paintings are unique (no two paintings are alike), hand painted and from her imaginations and thoughts.
Few of her paintings are kept in "Institute of Emirates Very Special Arts Group" Sharjah. One of her paintings is kept in "Very Special Arts Exhibition" in the USA . In 2009 one of her paintings was short listed for "Young Artist Award at Dubai Ladies Club. Also she has participated in many competitions and Exhibitions in the past in UAE and India
Please go through "Sharon's Art Gallery" and if you are interested in buying her paintings, please e-mail her family on spcastelino@yahoo.com


  1. So beautiful and I love the last ones full of warm hues!


  2. luv the themes..and colours used

  3. Loved her work Patty. This is real creativity, stemming from the depths of a being!Gorgeous stuff, and I am going to check out more of her work.

  4. Beautiful work!! She is very talented!! I checked out her work too!! Amazing strokes and style!! very impressive. True expression of joy and happiness!!

  5. Lovely stuff Patty....so creative and expressive. Will surely check out more of her work and keep it in mind when buying gifts. And so nice of you to do this..!

  6. Amazing Sharon!..amazing work!! She is so talented!..Beautiful strokes!
    Now, I'm off to check out more of her work :)
    Thanks Patty for sharing :)

  7. Sharon..your work is amazing! Lots of luck for all your projects..Patty thanks for the post!

  8. truly gifted!!
    will definitely add her on to my favorites!!
    gr8 post!!

  9. Great post patty ! Her creations are unimaginable and incredible....So lovely... Luv, the choice of warm colors.... !! Am gonna check out more of her work....

  10. Sorry for the delay!
    She is amazing and her work reminds me of Matisse.Thanks for introducing here Patricia!


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