Thursday 9 September 2010

Girija overhauls her living space

Here is an inspiring project – by Girija & Ramu. She has attempted to capture ‘before & after’ beautifully… showing us all the details of her project. Moving from purely ethnic to fusion... I wont say much… *moves spotlight towards Girija*

The furniture in my living room was predominantly ethnic, centered round my Shekawati chairs and teapoys.

I love my chairs, which were bought with a lot of love 21 years ago in India and were shipped to the US when we moved. But lately l realized that I needed a change in décor, to achieve a right balance of beauty and comfort.
The main issues that had to be addressed were: 1. Low seating was uncomfortable for older guests. 2. Four single chairs and three teapoys gave a cluttered look to the living room. 3. I needed a cozy feel which was not possible with my existing furniture. 4. The off-white silk cushions on the sofa looked drab and I was itching to add a splash of color to my room.
I addressed the problems as follows: 1. Bought traditional sofas, which are mostly available in very limited colors and styles, but which would be comfortable for my senior citizen guests.
1. Replacing the 7 pieces of furniture with a single sectional sofa, worked wonders to eliminate the cluttered look in the room. 2. Incorporated an ethnic and cozy feel with colorful cushions and dhurries.
I managed to keep all my Indian wall décor (my Tanjores, my Ravi Varma prints). I also was able to keep my favorite sister’s painting of a ship, which was her gift to me.
My bronze collection too stayed on to add their own charm and Indian-ness to the room.
And I even managed to find a place for my Leonardo De Vinci print in the staircase area. This had to be accommodated in an area away from the main room as it did not go well with the décor flow in the living room.
Post your comments and let us know what you think. Is there any way of improving comfort and/or beauty of the room are welcome.
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Now go on and comment.... and inspire Girija to make this room even more comfy!!


  1. Girija, what did you do with the rest of the furniture? if you're offloading, I'll gladly take it off your hands!!...I'm serious! Where are you located? :)

    All that gorgeous indian furniture has me drooling! (Though I totally understand your need for more comfy furniture-especially when senior citizens are involved!) :)

  2. You have some stunning pieces! Something is puzzling me, why is the console in front of the chimney?...

  3. Girija - what did you do with the Shekavati chairs and the indian furniture? They are gorgeous...let me know if you are planning to sell them...i live in Atlanta. Where are you located.
    Pat - did i write to yesterday that with teh purchase of teh indian trunk...i am done with furniture buying!!!

  4. Sharon, I have been bothered about the console too.One wall was taken up by the buffet and there was no other place available.Will try to see if I can relocate it to its rightful place behind one arm of the sofa.
    Anpu, I'm in the Bay Area, California.Want to make one last effort to get some colorful cushions and reintroduce the Shekawatis somewhere in the home.So not thinking of selling them.... just yet.

  5. Lovely space and I really like your Tanjore. I am seriously on the look out for one..any suggestions?

  6. Anu, I have seen them being sold online but the prices are too exhorbitant.So I'd advise getting them during your next trip to India.Poompuhar Emporiums or Karnataka Emporiums are good places to shop for them rather than online.

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  8. Hey Girija - 1 suggestion [since you asked...], can you place the console against the sofa back by the tall lamp? You can also place some mid to small sized plants near the fireplace to bring in the greens from the outside to the inside and place your brass/bronze objets too admist the greens
    Also, dont give away your shekavati. With the luggage restrictions, you cannot ever imagine lugging them from India ever it in the basement/loft and bring them out during the indian festivals, or even keep it in the patio and use them when the weather is good
    @ anu @My Dream Canvas - I will be going to Bangalore and Madras in March next year, if you so wish for a Tanjore, let me know, will get it.
    There are some sites that i can forward you. These are guaranteed shops in Banaglore/madras, and they can mail the piece to any location in India

  9. Anpu, thanks a lot.Will definitely do that.I want to bring in some greenery , and I think your suggestion will work for me

  10. Oh I love those shekhawati chairs and I am glad you are not getting rid of them.Nice makeover.

  11. I love your chairs and am happy with your decision to find a place for them in the house :-)..gagan, i second ur love for them!!...

    @Anpu...nice to see a fellow reader from Atl...maybe we could meet up sometime :)

  12. @Girija - Let us know how it all comes out...
    @Sudha - Looking fwd to talking/meeting you:-)

  13. Girija…. Here is what I would do..

    A few colourful cushions.. Use a theme (fuchsia & green or yellow & orange)…

    Use a colour theme, and get a few candle stands of the same colour scheme.

    A few plants will surely brighten the space and give it more life.

    Your rug can be of the same colour scheme as well.

    The ottoman can be replaced with your shekawati chairs… and you can make that into your little Indian corner.

    Loved all your paintings & your brozey stuff… Keep it safe!! Once again, thanks for sharing this with us. 

  14. wow..the transformation does look cozy & inviting..great job Girija!


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