Tuesday 3 May 2011

In the Spotlight ~ A Thousand Words

In the Spotlight for May on Colours Dekor is a new series that we’re calling ‘A Thousand Words’ … Please join in and do a post on whatever the titles means to you…. *smiles* Yes, once again, we want to let that creative imp in you, go wild!

What does our new series title mean to you?

I’d love to hear different views and see all the varied and unique perspectives… Be it a bookshelf, a library, a store, a book review, or even a photograph of a book you read by the beach… So go on and link in to ‘A Thousand Words’ open at Colours Dekor for the whole month of May!!

To me ‘A Thousand Words’ right now means a bookshelf and here are two bookshelves from my home.

The first one was designed to fit into the available space in my girlies rooms, to house their books and other bits and bobs. A book shelf is a gorgeous piece of furniture, storing books that will inspire and provide you with new & fresh ideas… or simply enrich you!!

The second bookshelf, was more of an after thought.. I wanted a space to store books in my room… and designed this to accommodate my hubby’s trophies and my prized books… *smiles*

This is my secret cabinet of magazines… It sits in our living space and is the centre of attraction..

… I’d like to write ‘A Thousand Words’ to someone …. So I’ve got this set up and waiting, for when the urge takes over and I pen a few lines to a loved one.

Here are my coffee-table books… these books keep changing depending on my mood and the décor theme I’ve got going.

The purpose of a coffee table book is to flip through or admire photographs in the book whilst sitting around the table having a conversation, a quiet moment or perhaps even over coffee *smiles* Some coffee table books are simply conversation starters… These books make a statement being large & gorgeous and are full of magnificent pictures, illustrations, designs or portraits, amazing articles and more… - books that are looked at… and not really read from cover to cover. But so gorgeous all the same!

Here are a few ideas for unique coffee table books -

1. Personalised coffee table book – You can make a book or photo book or scrap book of photographs of you & your family…. Highlighting a recent trip, or a book with class photographs, or one with childhood photographs of family & extended family. Don’t get me wrong, these are not simply family photo albums, but a very well designed collection or personally collected photos with a specific theme. Include some special text, messages, quotes – that may go hand in hand with the photograph memory. You’ll be surprised at how treasured that coffee table book will become.

2. Humorous books – Add some humour to your coffee table, with books like ‘outrageous cars’ …. Or… ‘dummies guide to ….anything! The series is always a good laugh to browse through!

3. Travel Photo books – Looking through a series of pictures of places that you’ve wanted to explore … Choose a book with excellent & intriguing photographs… Example – ‘India’ – ‘Rajasthan’

4. Photo Story books – We have a book on Golf… and when its at the table.. it is often picked up by people interested in the game… They obviously start talking about the game and the stories behind the pictures that they see… Examples of such books would be – a book on whisky, a series of sunsets or sunrises from different counties around the world, unique hotels, etc.

Colours Dekor

So what will you be linking in?? Creative bookshelves, random books, book review, letters, mailboxes, coffee table books… I cant wait to see!! *smiles*

If you are a non blogger and wish to join in, please email me on torresp27@hotmail.com...


  1. what a lovely post and so close to my heart...enjoyed browsing through your book collection and the units you've designed.

  2. Lovely post Patty... in love with your mail holder. How very charming. :-) And yes, I'm joining in. x

  3. oh...and how can I NOT mention that BEAUTIFUL red magazine holder and ofcourse your Lotus tealight holders that I can keep staring at. :-) Fab!

  4. I too love the mail holder, and the nick-knacks on your shelves.

  5. the mail holder is soo gorgeous

  6. its a adorable post...u alwayz come with different ideas thz gr8 too...loved ur bookshelf and mail holder....

  7. How lovely!!! I got to get down to some reading now seriously :-). Cute little small chair in ur room with the runner of rajasthani folk art on it . Also loved ur secret cabinet.

  8. I love your sense of style Patricia:) Every corner is a delight. I am definitely participating in this link:):)

  9. Great start for a new series...lovely post. Loved your wall units...loved teh design...and yes will be joining in...:-)

  10. Really like this new series and the pic that shows the envelopes reminds me of my childhood when there was no email and we'd send handmade greeting cards and pen letters to friends. Miss the sense of excitement that I'd feel when the postman delivered a letter addressed to me.

  11. Is there any corner of your house that is not beautiful? You are like some home decor wizard!

    I love white furniture! It looks elegant and beautiful.

    Yay! Finally something I can write on "A Thousand Words" I'll get to work :)

  12. I don't know how I missed this post- I think I would like to link this one:). Will send in my post.

  13. Great post P.love all the pic,especially the
    mail holder and your coffee table concept ,
    the bookshelf design and everything.
    I am joining in to participate in the series.
    Thanx for such a wonderful idea.

  14. Lovely things to share, Patricia... Loved ur secret cabinet..,the reading chair...the lotus...adorable stuff:)


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