Sunday 8 May 2011

a thousand words ~ Richa

Richa who blogs at Clouds, Rain & Sunshine ... joins in for 'a thousand words' series...

These letters were meant to be read just by YOU.. Hidden from the world..we treasured them for so so long..

The birthday card I made for you is also tucked away somewhere in a dark corner of our cupboard.. Wrapped in glittery pages, with some old memories and a thousand unsaid words..

The letters and the card meant to be with you when I had been away.. And these very letters would remain with you after I'd be never return..

Don't forget to hold them in your arms someday..if you ever sent to or received from someone..such special cards and letters..

This card and a letter I made for my hubby M for his birthday..when we were engaged..I couriered them to him.. This blue envelope is also hand-made by me..

And another letter I wrote to him when I was about to leave for India for some time last year...I had secretly written it and hid it under his pillow. And after seeing me off at the airport, he came home and found it.. And he immediately called me and told me how nice felt to see the surprise..

These are very special for us. And given the fact that I love making cards for my dear ones and love love love writing letters on paper to someone special…even if that someone stays in the same home with me......Yes!! They.. these letters and cards.........they mean "A thousand Words" to me......

So will you be joining in.... with 'a thousand words' open all month of May!! If you are a non blogger, email me on


  1. Priceless memories, these. *smiles*

  2. Thank you all. It feels great to share my love for letters and cards with all of you.

  3. Thats so beautiful, Richa:) Indeed happy memories are priceless...


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