Tuesday 17 May 2011

The talented ~ Shashi ma'am

Do you remember my post about Shashi Ma'am... and her magic?? She is one of the most creative teachers I've heard of....
This is a special post for her.... and we hope she can share with us... many more such creations ...
We need teachers like you ma'am... We definitely do!! So much of dedication, so much of love, so much of enthusiasm... and an ease of creating.. the most beautiful... arts & crafts...
This is what Shashi ma'am can make from a broom?? Does this post need me to write anything? or explain anything??
This was her Prize Winning project displayed in QAFCO Flower & Vegetable Show, conducted in Doha on 8th of April !! The show encourages and show cases environmentally friendly projects!!
Read the original post at Vistas of Life!! An underwater scene.. Do I need to say more??
Oh.. and lastly.. thank you Kalyani.. for sharing this with us!! And we hope Shashi ma'am can share many many more such awesome creations... .... *hugs*
~ Patricia


  1. Thats creativity coupled with perfection. Amazing idea!

  2. Great!
    I wish you a pleasant Tuesday.

  3. Just awesome... your Shashi ma'am is amazing creative person, what a lovely idea.

  4. Amazing work...Shashi ma'am is a creative person indeed..so glad you shared this.

  5. As a person who has the previlege of closely observing her work , I always salute Shashi Maa'm for her amazing work....

  6. Awesome creativity, whoever thought a broom could contribute to such beauty!

  7. Amazing...Salute the creativity...Pls keep sharing her work


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