Tuesday 24 May 2011

A Thousand Words ~ Nirmala

Here’s sharing the bookspace of Nirmala and Krupanandh’s home in Bangalore. Nirmala has been a teacher and has always been a booklover. A kind of booklover that ensured a space in her lovely home was dedicated for a comfortable and relaxing book-time whenever she needed to. The fact that she shares this space with a puja area and a serene buddhascape only shows the love and respect she has for books and reading.

Here’s what Nirmala has to say about her love for books and the space featured herein:

“We have our little library in the landing of our home on the 2nd floor. The double height ceiling makes this an ideal place to relax as well as be in touch with what's happening downstairs. I was particular to have a place at home that would be 'my space' and since my space is all about books, this is the exactly what I got.”

“My book collection ranges from those that are 35-40 years to some of the best sellers of this day.

I still am into reading the books I used to read ever so long back and there is a trend where I keep putting back on the shelves those books that were lost or didn't last long enough. We have also bought many books back in Abu Dhabi and shuttled it back here now. I fondly remember especially how we enjoyed shopping on the ship named 'Doulous' which docked in AUH in 2005-06.....it's a ship that travels the world carrying books of every imaginable kind.”

“Another event I used to enjoy would happen every year at Cambridge School, Abu Dhabi where I taught, called 'the book week' where each class would choose a book as their theme for the week and everything in the classroom to the costumes worn by the staff and students depicted characters from the chosen book! “

“In our library area, we have also our puja area and the special Buddha (we purchased at Global Village). I feel reading is such a serene activity that only the Buddha and a puja area would go with a books. I transferred my son’s college books there so he feels the need to peep into the puja room whenever he goes up for his books especially in the morning!”

“I have also arranged the books in a slightly mixed-up manner. I take great pleasure in lingering there a few extra minutes looking for the book I want and also suddenly finding a book that I thought we didn't have.....it's a good feeling.”

“I also specially asked for a book shelf with doors since it makes cleaning.”

Will you be joining the Colours Dekor 'a thousand words' series....
~ Harshi


  1. Oh so lovely...what a lovely library and what a great place to relax and read a book...
    Thanks Nirmala and Harshi for sharing teh space...

  2. lovely space and what agreat library.thanks for sharing your space

  3. wow,luved ur reading space,.

  4. This is so lovely...want to relax on that couch wid a book.....

  5. lovely library..perfect setting and great space..i m sure my dream home will have an exact same looking space :)


  7. that was a lovely collection of books and the place is soo cozy for the a reading and cuppa coffee

  8. Thank you, Colours Dekor and Harshi for making it possible for me to share 'my space' with so many of u! And thank u my friends for ur appreciation. A beautiful blog, this with great themes and fascinatingly decorated homes and spaces! Cheers!


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