Monday 18 March 2013

The Weekly Story ~ wk 7

so what have you been upto this weekend??

Showing off today.. wall decals for staircases *smiles*..

After a lot of discussion on what should be done with this wall... sometime last year.. I finally decided we were would put wall decals up... Shopping at Home Center when they were on sale, I found these and simply couldn't resist. 

I picked two packs, one circles and one squares.. .and my brother randomly placed these on the wall....  

Discussions from photo frames.. to holiday photos... to painting this wall... But decals is definitely an awesome idea.. 

Benefits of using wall decals :

- They are unique.
-They are easy to apply and can be installed by just about anyone.
- These can be applied in any surface.
-Make this a fun activity by asking your kids to help out… 
- Unlike painting, if you are unhappy, these can be easily changed, moved around or simply removed. Hence you can choose to redecorate more often.
- its simply peel and stick…. And peel and remove… 
- They are inexpensive and can be used as a very creative home décor element. 
- Definitely makes any home look stunning.. 
- Although a lot of people by the same decals… chances are each person will use them differently, hence making them even more unique. 
- These are reusable… Hence can be removed from one wall and used on to another. 
- This makes your décor possibilities endless… You can make your own creative, unique style.

... and here is how we've mixed two sets of colours and two shapes. 

This is how it ends... *smiles*.. Half way... 

... and someone who visited me recently... called my home... 'aesthetic and quirky'... ooooohhhh... What a lovely compliment... I was on top of the world.... *smiles*.. 

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  1. Love the colors of the decals patty...your home is aesthetic, quirky and gives warm welcome feeling :)

  2. i loveeeeeeeeeee decals! :)
    The stairwell looks lovely!

  3. Yes I agree with your visitor, You home is fanatabulous aesthetic and quirky haven! Loved the reflection on the mirror, beautiful!

  4. Nice beautiful way of adding colour and a new look to the home...very beautiful.

  5. Nice ideas and pretty.

  6. What an idea paaty...thanx for sharing it...i too have a staircase wall which looks soooo boring.....will think abt a decor there too......

  7. ohhh...and the statue of Mother Mary looked sooo lovely...another gr8 idea to fill up my unutilized corners......

  8. Pretty.. adds a new dimension to the beautiful interiors of your house!

  9. Lovely idea...Sure does add color.

  10. Looks pretty and unique. Love your decor ideas!


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