Saturday 16 July 2011

Mumbai Meri Jaan

Yay!! I'm in Mumbai today!! Only today!! *smiles* ... so here is sharing some old pictures of Mumbai!! And praying for peace, calmness, strength and safety for everyone in this gorgeous city!!
Here are pics of 2009 I think... I only had one day and hence decided to go to town and then onwards to the Elephanta Caves. Some pictures of town.
We had breakfast at Mondegars. This is one of the oldest and most popular restaurants in Mumbai. The breakfast extremely English!! The walls here have witnessed the change from Bombay to Mumbai…. – that you can obviously tell. This is how it looked inside.
From the door of Mondegars… starts the true Mumbai life!
On the way to the caves… Being situated on an island at Mumbai’s harbor, it is a two hour boat ride to get to the caves, and indeed we had fun!!
Here stands the Magnificent 'Taj'... we salute!! This is our heritage!!
The caves is a must see. When you are there, its difficult to believe that this is a part of the busy Mumbai. The Elephanta caves are made up of solid rock and are dated back to 600AD. They surely attract more visitors than the city of Mumbai. The caves echo the spiritual energy of India, with a collection of shrines, grand halls, courtyards, doors and arches. Unfortunately many of the sculptures inside have been damaged and yet somehow the Gods seem to smile and answer you when you are here !
On our way back to the city.... from the land of love and Gods..
Do let me know if you need any more information on travel within Mumbai!


  1. oh! I wish you travel to Mumbai some day!! When you do.. write to me and I'll help you!! Thanks for dropping by..

  2. Now thats mumbai....nice snaps....even the Vienna snaps are awesome!!
    Nice blog keep updating!!

  3. Hey, now that looks so familiar... Glad to see the pictures!! :-)

  4. Beautiful Mumbai, you have captured the spirit of Mumbai. Enjoy you holidays.

  5. wish u were here longer... would have loved to meet you!

  6. Nice pictures... Njoy ur hols:)

  7. I just can't get enough of my city. it has only been a week since I am back. But already missing it. The will to live and the will to succeed. Everyday is a struggle, but with a smile. Traffic, Heat, Humidity, Rains, nothing can reduce my love for my city.

    Been 20 years away from the city, but is still me.

  8. Wonderful. I loved all those Mario cartoons on the wall :).


  9. Mumbai meri BHI jaan :)
    For me Mumbai is one of the best cities to be in. I love the people, the places, shopping, food and not to forget the rain!!

  10. hey,,hey,hey,again and again,,,its the mentality of our beloved politicians and police that leads to this kind of attacks,,i dont feel safe,,we boast that our country is going to be next superpower,,huh,,i dont think so,,coz,,our system of internal security is so one works,all sleep and bribe.thats our india.when tere is a blast,all r active,,,later on,,same as usual.i really get fed up with dis,,ohhhhhhh.tere must be a deep restructuring in intelligence and mindset of politicians.and most of all,,politicians,,try to luv ur fellow indians,,

  11. Indeed Mumbai sab ki jaan!
    Have a great and safe trip.

  12. lovely pics & as usual your lovely blogging style which is describing ..Majhi (in marathi) Mumbai...:)..i enjoyed this post as I am born & brought up in Mumbai..:) Thank u for the post


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