Monday 18 July 2011

Weekend Wrap Up - Wk 40

Yay!! I've finally made it to the Weekend Wrap Up.. and have more or less decided to continue with it.. *sigh* By the time you read this, I'll be on holiday.... But here is my Thursday happenings.. The whole of this week.. was catch up with friends week... I met a friend of chai & dinner early in the week... then met one for lunch... then visited another friends house.. who I didn't see for 5 years even though we live in the same city *sigh*... And finally on Thursday... I met two more absolutely mental friends for chai & sandwiches..
I don't know about you... but I am a 'chai' lover.. Saying that.. I totally love coffee too *smiles*.. What to do.. so many choices in life.. tuff!! *sigh*
The above pic... is... Fruit tea... and below is my cutting Chai at Tea Junction!!
Then they have awesome Zafraani Chai as well...
I'm away for more than two weeks... But there will be regular posts on Colours Dekor... so do pop by and say 'hello'... When I'm back.. I'll surely catch up on all your posts.... so till then.. take care and be safe!! *hugs*
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~ Patricia


  1. Being a tea lover.....I'm just drooling over pics..they r sooooo tempting!! Nice post.

  2. Have a great trip. Will miss you.

  3. miss u patty...anyways ur tour memories will definitely be a treat 4r us...waiting eagerly patty

  4. Zafrani chai sounds interesting :) willvbe waiting for ur next post

  5. Ah! Have fun. The fruit tea is served in such a lovely pot! And have never heard of saffron tea. Will google it to see how it is made. Have fun in your travels. Bombay pictures were lovely.

  6. Now that's a blast with friends!!:)I am so glad you are having an awesome time.those chai are drool worthy.zafrani chai....hmmmm!

  7. Something so wonderful about coffee, tea and friends, isn't there? Have a great time away Patty:):)

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