Friday 8 July 2011

As you enter

Talking about 'Enchanting Entrances'... also includes... what you see... as soon as you enter your home.. Do you have a stunning foyer?? Now.. I'm showing you mine.. (still half done)..
... come on in!!! What are you waiting for??
As you enter my home.... this is what you see....
.... on your left... is the dramatic cabinet... (more on that later).... and straight ahead.. is the magnificent Ganeshji, that my cousin got for me from India.. It weighs 20 kilos. Can you believe he got this for me... *smiles*...
.... a closer look .... Spot the pink...
... and this is what you see... to your left... The wall here is still bare... I don't know what to do with it... *sigh*... I have a few bare walls... that I've been dreaming of painting... *smiles*... dreaming on!!!
I'm linking to a few fun blog parties..
Hope you are joining July's party and showing us your entrances... foyers... entrances to garden... gateways... ~ In the Spotlight ~ Enchanting Entrances!!


  1. i so so love your home....Your foyer is so spectacular...Would love to have similar designing vibes in my house too.

  2. very very pretty. LOVE that cabinet!

  3. thats a spectacular foyer. love those light sticks. what are they called?

  4. gorgeous the tiny staircase musicians...

  5. Very pretty, Patty!
    I loved the lamp with the cut work on the side table....the pink jute runner looks lovely.

  6. So inviting Patty, love all of it:)

  7. Gorgeous Patty!!Such beautiful pieces of furnitures.Equally accesorised attractively.enjoyed your entrance a lot :)

  8. I love the cabinet and the small table with lamp, etc. You have a very nice blog here.

    First time visitor :)

  9. nice entrance look..a very bright and ceery feeling it gives to see this as one enters!!..atleast i felt that way!!!!
    as for me, the first thing I see as i enter my home is a big clock on the wall and buddha sitting serenly underneath it straight ahead..

  10. Your cabinet is quite beautiful! Thanks for sharing your pinkness today. Enjoy the weekend. Anne

  11. I love your cabinet! So pretty. Thanks for linking it to Home Sweet Home!

  12. Cabinet is really pretty. love ur foyer, statue at stairs. place feels very warm and inviting.lovely


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