Sunday 31 July 2011

Enchanting Entrances ~ Tanu

Hello my lovelies!!.... Can't believe its the last day of the month already... *sigh*... I was meant going to do a round up of Enchanting Entrances... till I saw these stunning photos that I simply have to share....
You've seen Tanu's gorgeous hand painted Garden wall.... now see her post for Enchanting Entrances. Tanu blogs at Fly High with some absolutely stunning photography!!
Welcome! Please Enter...
Please leave your shoes
and mind outside :) Have a taste of togetherness...
This is our reading space, tea-sipping, relaxing space...
Can you notice the leaves painted on the wall, near my Buddha's painting...
Here is a close up of the flower vase that you see in the above pic (to the left)
The view from the window is of trees dancing in the wind...
I am in love with the red coloured earth :)
The pictures on the walls were shot by me in Scotland

I have one more stunning entry to share with you .... which will now flow into next month...
Will do a round up post soon.... Till then, go on and check out some Enchanting Entrances!!


  1. Beautiful entry!!I love it Patricia!


    Art by Karena

  2. Very Beautiful...relaxing space...I love plants bathing in sunlight:)

  3. love the entry wit stickers...and the interior looks serene and beautiful...

  4. Lovely pictures! Very beautiful.


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