Friday 22 July 2011

Little Food Junction

Have you been to Little Food Junction?? The title reads... Ideas to feed little picky eaters.... and Smita is a total genius... with the brightest of ideas.... Here is her labour of love...
Would you like a shirt for breakfast??
How about some home made mango jelly?? Your little one... will never eat outside again.. *sigh*
I have a lot to learn from Smita.... What about you??
This one is my favourite.... Zoo Sandwiches...
Smita Srivastava is the name behind Little Food Junction!! The art of gorgeous food... She has a Master's degree in design and worked for ad agencies prior to opting to be a stay at home mom. Currently living in New Delhi with her husband and lovable daughter.... Apart from styling cute food, she loves to paint, bake, do craft and recycled art.. and a lot more.. Hop on to Little Food Junction for more!!
Are you as creative with food?? We'd love to feature you... if you are a food artist... email us.. on


  1. This is so unbelievably cool!! WOW!!! Even I will eat anything if it is served this way :) I loved the Owl <3

  2. very talented... I have seen smita's work before... I love that bunny... and the mango jelly looks yummmm...

    Have a fab weekend !!

  3. lovely guest post cute and neat site

  4. ...and she is my childhood buddy and I am VERY PROUD OF HER :)

    I am a BIG FAN of Smita's creativitiy & culinary skills. She is an awesome cook, a great artist, the best mom & a wonderful friend. :)

  5. What a fabulously creative Mom and a lucky little girl...I am fan now:):)

  6. Food could not look any better than this. I believe that good looking food enhances the taste. Going by what I see here, I am sure Smita is an awesome cook.

    Thanks for sharing. Will visit her blog.


  7. What about the rest of the food? I trust it is eaten and not thrown away. It looks great for pictures.

  8. Thanks to Patricia & all buddy viewers for liking my creations . Feels really good to hear such lovely words from u all.

    @ Anonymous- like all we Indians , i too believe that food is next to God , wasting is jus absolutely out of question. The scraps from the veggies find their way to soups, salads or gravies, while the bread leftovers makes way as a part of humble crumbs/upmas etc to our plates. I believe cute food is fun for kids , pictures are just a part to capture that fun into my camera.

  9. wow...Thank you for sharing , my son is growing and I m gonna need this..

  10. Hi...I just came across your blog
    and was delighted by the precious food presentations for children!
    What creative ideas! I am sure even
    the "pickest" of kids would devour this food because it looks like so much fun!!
    I am going to be a new follower now and have marked your blog to go back to.
    Your daughter is such a pretty child, she takes after her momma!!
    Have a happy weekend...Francy

  11. Creative foodie treats :) I am sure kids would love this. I love the way Smita makes it fun to cook food for little ones and make them enjoy eating it.

  12. How Beautiful and Creative!! Lovely Post! Thanks for sharing.


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