Monday 12 July 2010

write me a letter...

I love old, antique writing desks… and letter boxes… I don’t have one… as yet!!

But in the meanwhile… let me show you my letter holder. This was filled with bills for a long time, till my friend got me some empty envelopes from India… Her dad even wrote me a letter… I was so thrilled!!

My cousin heard me trying to convince Sims to have a Desi (Indian) themed birthday party… We will invite all her friends using these blue inland envelopes… and they can all be dressed in Indian gear and we will serve them Indian food… Don’t you think it’s a great idea??!! Anyway… among Hannah Montana & Pink / purple colours, my theme lost miserably… But.... her Birthday is only in December, so I still have time to convince her *wink*… Oh.. so back to my cousin.. He thought it was a fabulous idea and got me 100 inland envelopes… that now makes my letter holder complete… Do you think we are a mad family??

Now for all you creative people out there…. This is my new letter box… which will be hanging outside my house… Here is the side view…

And here is the front view… I want to write our names or paint… or do something with it.. As it looks rather plain and sad at the moment… Do any of you have ideas or links from where I can get some ideas.. Please.. please help!!

I truly miss my old home… and am finding these bare walls unbearable… Here is an old collage… that I’m linking to MM & MM & Table top Tuesdays… Please join the party there!!

Over the next few Mondays, my collages are going to improve for sure… but if you have any suggestions.. please comment… or email me on .. Specially on what to do with the letter box??


  1. Love the letter box. How about some tile work? I am not sure how big the box is in size, but you can get some fabulous square tiles - now if you were in India, esp Jaipur, you could pick up absolutely gorgeous 1" square tiles - and line them along the edge? I like leaving the wood as is w/o painting it....! Thats my 2 cents worth!:-)

  2. Patty- I've seen a wonderful desi party online somewhere- I'll search it out and send you the link in a while...that will surely convert your little princess, I'm positive!

    Meanwhile- you can leave the letter box as is- it has a lovely old-wood-charm to it.

    There is another project you could try--I'm going to look up the link and send it to you as well..... don't paint it (as that might be irreversible...)

  3. Oh great ideas here! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  4. I loved your letter box. It's such a gorgeous wood one that painting it would take away its charm. You could buy some vintage letters and put up your surname on it...a brass knob maybe?:)

  5. I'm such a sucker for antiques and old me crazy but I really like your letter box as-is! also....looooved your weekend post about breakfast outdoors. Lovely pinks and blues!

  6. Love the letter boxes and the blue envelopes! I can see how you'd hate bare walls since you have such an attraction to vibrant colors! We do the best we can where we can! :)
    Thanks for visiting!
    Hope you have a Delightsome day,

  7. I love the letter box as it is.The wood is gorgeous.
    Inland envelopes.sigh.It's been such a long time since I received snail mail.Where have the old days gone..

    Thanks for visiting my blog.It was a surprise for me because I spent almost all of Sunday checking out your blog and other people through the links.Totally inspiring.

  8. Ah! just love ur old home photos.. btw.. for that letter box.. the wood finish looks soo good.. do u want to paint on that?? Can you attach a puppet thing there.. kind of guard for ur letter box?? :) and make it hold ur names instead of painting on the wood... wat do u say??

  9. I think the letter box needs some jewels.

  10. Your wooden letter box is lovely. It has been long since I saw envelopes and Air mail posts :) Seeme to be history now.

    For decorating the wooden letter box, maybe you can try painting a border or a decoupage along the border alone. A border in the style of mughal paintings or miniature paintings would look lovely, without spoiling the antique look.

  11. absolutely drool-worthy letter box. bare walls can look very nice sometimes. have patience patty.

  12. Hmm.. the letter box is fabulous... I wouldn't change it! You could write your names on the wall on top. The wood just looks so beautiful in itself!

  13. Send me your address will you...I am writing you a letter! I love it just the way it is..may be you could paint a folkart border


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