Saturday 3 July 2010

In my garden…

I wish I had a magic wand… I’d use it to sort out my house… And imagine, everything would be in place, perfectly… beautifully… *sigh* it’s still beautiful… just randomly beautiful!! Rather… beautiful in my eyes… in its own way *smiles*
In my garden… is a collection of things… I’ve randomly purchased… or been gifted… no theme, no thought… nothing… just random beauties!!
I thought the angels would be magical… but I’m still waiting …
I haven’t found a perfect place for these angels as yet… they are powered by solar energy so need enough direct sunlight during the day…
I love these two, cute frogs… I’ve got a cabinet full of more frogs, elves, butterflies, birds, squirrels to place around in my garden.. I'm waiting for an appropriate time *smiles*
And this is my Zen corner … Most mornings are made beautiful when I sit in front of Him and sip my coffee… Someday He will start talking to me… I’m convinced.. I’ve put off the DIY that I wanted to do with this log… someday… I’ll make it into a beautiful candle holder…
And as it gets darker… the little lamps… light up my life…
These garden inspirations are for Show & Tell and Saturday Night Special!!
Oh.. and my most valued possessions… this mosaic table.. Garden sorting is something I will now be doing in September.. So if you’ve got any inspirations for me.. don’t forget to email me on


  1. I really admire your Zen corner. I can understand how it pushes the positive energy through you. Some favourite corners in one's personal space just refreshes body and soul, anytime better than a spa where we are constantly analyzing.. was this worth the money :D

  2. lovely corners and random pieces...and for the first time i find the frogs cute:)

  3. Lovely garden! Wish I had a magic wand too!

  4. I like those little frogs and that lantern...

  5. Lovely...everyone knows by now what a sucker for lanterns I am...even the most ordinary lantern takes on a magical glow when lit at night in the garden! As for the magic wand...hmmmmm...closest thing is Maid Brigade!!!! And that Zen corner, just looking at it calms me, so I can only imagine what a soothing effect it must have on you in the mornings! Lovely Patty!

  6. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Patty.. can u plz lend me those cute birdie.. and yeah those tuddle puddle frogs.. plzzzzz.. U knw wat hv u done??? I will now not rest till I buy such cute little birdie and frog :D

  7. loved the zen corner! i hv been thinkin of doin up my green space...i think now that the weather is nice..i will finally get set n go!

  8. How pretty is the zen corner!! I must do house tour at yours for my blog!! :)

  9. Those angels are beautiful... Your girls must like them a lot... reminds me of the stone damsel figurines in our local park.. me and my friends were fascinated by them when we were kids.
    The birds look cute... and so do the frogs. Your garden looks pretty and interesting.

  10. loved your home patty...and those adorable lanterns..keep blogging and inspiring..


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