Thursday 1 July 2010

oh... my home!!

Since we returned from Malaysia, I’ve been sorting, clearing, de-cluttering… And finally after a week…. my home now looks more like ‘a home’ and has finally lost its warehouse charm.. *wink*

I’ve still got one more cabinet and the kitchen to sort out… but that can wait till next weekend.

In the meanwhile… I’m going to invite you for a ‘dekor discussion’ next week… Show off some of my white walls… And am sure all those who know me are probably thinking I’m drunk… No.. no.. I’m not!!! Just enjoy the white bare walls… while they last… Hopefully I’m going to get it sorted (in some way) soon!!

Did you enjoy glancing into my home?


  1. Lovely! Hope to see more new photos of your home.

  2. Gorgeous..look forward to more!!

  3. NOW you're talking babe! :)

  4. Thanks for stopping ,your compliments mean a lot!
    I love your home and your blog is so charming:)i will follow you too~Kisses Deepali

  5. Lovely images, I have the same rajasthani stuff, they look so vibrant in any place.

  6. Awesome!! I love the Indian touch. I wish what I have stocked all these years will be displayed very soon... looking for a new house to make it my home...keep it going. Would love to see more of it.


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