Wednesday 18 August 2010

Brinda's table top

I’m so easy to please… little things make me happy.. I am super thrilled today… Cleared all my emails and a few mails brought a huge smile to my face… And if you are reading this… thank you Rose, Ramya, Kamini, Gagan, Sameera, Sandra, Laura, Meera, Girija, Brinda, Anu & Shruthi…. Thank you ladies for making my day!! Oh.. and also to all my lovely facebook friends … thank you all!! Brinda is my new found inspiration… and I’m thrilled that she is joining my ‘August table top’ madness…
She sent me two pictures and I wasn’t very pleased… so I had to add two more *smiles*
Go on and check her Flickr images. Just her images can motivate you for sure!!
Reminder… Do check out the links in ‘August table top’ and leave your comments for all the lovely people who joined my party… If you are a non blogger, email me and I’d love to feature your table top… and if you are a blogger…. Simply follow the instructions on ‘August table top’ or email me at


  1. LOVE that first picture! and all the rest....:)

  2. Very nice!

  3. Patty, I'm so sorry I haven't joined up in your table top features yet! Honestly I'm confused by the linking (even though i know you've posted directions--I just need to read them more closely--) but I love the posts nonetheless! Keep up the awesome work!


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